Chronic Pain Relief with Trigger Point Therapy

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What does a Trigger Point Look Like

A must read if you are in pain.

It can be explained in this clinical way.A hyperirritable spot in skeletal muscle that is associated  with a hypersensitive palpable nodule in a taut band (Travel and Simons Vol 1 Second Edition


Is a grumpy little spot in a taut band of muscle tissue that hurts when you press on it with pressure, it can

reproduce and confirm your symptoms. (The Trigger Point Workbook Third Edition Page 10)

Motor vehicle accidents, poor posture, poor diet, sedentary life style, over excessing, Occupational, Sports, Disease and lastly STRESS.These are but a few that can cause these painful little points.

Dr's Janet Travell and David Simons

A must read and have if you wish to be a practitioner.

These are muscle bands and the nodule that you can see in the bands are the Trigger Points. (Knots)

What Is A Trigger Point

Chronic Pain

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What Can Cause Trigger Points?